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History of roulette

The word “roulette” is derived from the French “roulette” – the wheel. Accurate historical data on the origin of this game does not exist, and one of the popular assumption attributes the casinos games guide
invention of roulette scientist and the 17 th century philosopher Pascal. Some believe that this is the handiwork of the devil. In any case, roulette quite original invention – a sort of wheel of fortune.
French Roulette is the parent present to the world of American and European roulette. Samuel it can still be found in casinos in Baden-Baden, Monte Carlo and other “grand” casino.

History of European Roulette originated in Germany mid XIX century casino slot machine games. Invented it, but rather only changed the French roulette, a shrewd businessman Francois Blanc. He took a double zero roulette wheel. This he improved the chances of players to win and, consequently, increased attendance at the gambling houses that were under his control. 

Later Blanca hired manager of its casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco, Prince Charles Grimaldi, and so the European roulette wheel whirled across the continent.