Casino blacklist. Who goes there and how to recognize cheaters?

online casinoOn our site is a casino blacklist that lists all the scammers known to us. There are a lot of them, but in fact it’s only a relatively small part of the casinos that you shouldn’t mess with at all. Let’s consider why below. You will also need to be able to identify such cheaters, so as not to be guided by incomplete lists. Who gets into the blacklist online casinos? First, the “honorable” list is headed by sites that operate without a license and use scripted software. Secondly, these are the casinos that do not provide punters with normal conditions (unlike Softswiss Casinos). Although they have a license, they unfairly confiscate funds, delay payments or do not conduct them at all. In general, they behave inadequately. The usual residents of blacklists are Vulcans casinos. But it doesn’t stop there, there are a lot of Vulcans. There’s the famous Casino 777, Admirals and other sites. 

There are even fake operating gambling sites (casino Australia and others), such as Joykasino. What does scripting software mean? Most of the blacklisted casinos run on scripts. At first glance everything is normal. They offer well-known pokies from the best suppliers. But they are only fakes. Outwardly they are difficult to distinguish, but there is a way to see, where the game is loaded from. Then everything becomes clear. Read more about scripts and how to distinguish them here. What are scripts dangerous? Because they are used to deceive the punters. The owner of such a script can manipulate the percentage of returns at will. Each game has a theoretical return, which must be met when all punters play continuously. If they change it, for example from 97% to 30%, the effect will be very noticeable on the scale. But each individual punter can write off the lowered payout as bad luck, although that is not true. Sometimes punters even win at blacklisted casinos. But their withdrawals are, of course, denied. Then drawing up at least hundreds of complaints will not help, because such scams do not keep representatives on forums or other resources. They do not need to worry about reputation, because they do not and will not. Therefore, to influence them in any way possible. How to determine without blacklist that the casino is a scammer? The problem is that the scripts are very cheap to buy. Literally a few hundred dollars. In order not to get on such careless operators, we advise to give preference to reliable institutions – using Wildblaster Casino login for a comfortable game.  

Therefore, opens a lot of scams, and not keep track of them all. So it’s important to be able to determine which casinos to avoid. Then you can weed out the bad ones yourself. There are good indicators by which you can do this. First, look at the license. Script operators do not have it, because even the weakest license costs money, you need to register a company, to pass some checks. Normal jurisdictions impose strict penalties for cheating punters. So the license for them is an unnecessary burden. On this topic Memes about online casinos casino scams oriented on inexperienced punters who do not even know that they have to check at least the license. Or on those who just look at the presence of the logo of some jurisdiction and do not check whether there really is a license. Read more about how to check the authenticity of the license here. Sometimes scammers write that they have a license. Mostly they specify Curacao and even give a link to verify authenticity. Only it either doesn’t work or directs you to a fake validator site. For example, the Maltese regulator has already repeatedly published warnings that the MGA license information on specific sites is false. Another striking feature of blacklisted online casinos is the small selection of games. Pay attention to the fact that in terms of assortment on such sites is very poor. If you don’t think so, go first to the blacklisted casino and then to the top rated casino. Then the difference will be obvious. The lack of recent releases is also a clear sign that you’re at a casino that someone definitely has on the scam list. It takes time to fake pokies. And new releases come out almost every day. Therefore, cheaters take the most famous and copy only them. Casino cheaters with a license There are operators who buy a license in an unreliable jurisdiction that does not make sure that punters are not cheated. Therefore, they are officially licensed, but at the same time they can easily create havoc – delay payments, deny payments, etc. There are more and more cases when fakes are added to the original games to make it unnoticeable. The most popular among the unreliable jurisdictions is Curacao. 

The licensed operators there, as it seems, are not controlled by anyone. That is why there are a lot of scams among them. But this state of affairs may be coming to an end. Recently it was reported that the government of the island is going to put in order online casinos. Conclusion Be careful and, if possible, trust only brands that have long established themselves. Don’t be lazy to read punter reviews. Take a look at the”Casino Complaints” section and you can roughly understand what kind of problems punters then encounter. Not all complaints are blacklisted online casinos in Russia, but you’ll see Vulcans and Azino among them. Ask yourself what they are complaining about.