Play online Roulette KS GO

When people hear the word “casino”, in most cases they immediately imagine the roulette wheel. She has always been a symbol of gambling. The rules of this game are well known. You must place a bet on red, black or green, as well as on certain numbers corresponding to these colors. Today, all CS: GO fans have the opportunity to try their luck at playing roulette. It has the same rules as the regular version, so you don’t need to know any peculiarities of how to play CS: GO roulette. It is enough to choose only the color, not paying attention to the numbers.

Roulette essence

Instead of money, customers play with their Steam items in the CS: GO computer game. In online roulette, gamers can take a break from shooting and have fun, getting the opportunity to win unique skins that cannot be obtained in a standard way. The Steam collection has the potential to add high value items. Interestingly, you don’t need to spend real money for this. For example, if a player has a huge number of skins that he does not use, then you can put them on the roulette wheel and get something more interesting, for example, a rare knife. The account is replenished by placing skins from the game in the personal account of the casino. On any site, you must log in with a Steam account. After that, the client will receive coins in exchange for the offered items. A skin that is priced at € 100 on the Steam marketplace will be roughly equal to 100 coins.

How to start playing?

It is allowed to play CS: GO roulette only after reaching the age of majority. Some online casinos require users to log in through secured profiles such as Steam, Twitter, Facebook, Google. By connecting these accounts to your personal account, it will be much easier to enter the site (you do not need to enter your username and password). After registration, you need to make the first deposit. To do this, you can use items from the Steam inventory: CS: GO skins, trophies and other awards. It is allowed to place bets on real money, which can be deposited using services such as GameMoney and G2A (they accept cryptocurrency). Many online casinos offer case opening as an alternative way to get new skins. They give you more chances to get rarer and more valuable skins, which can later be used for roulette. After registering, you should pay attention to free coins and promotional codes. They will help you start winning without using real money on your personal account.

Best roulettes

At the moment, it is worth highlighting the 3 best CSGO roulettes from 1 euro:

* CSGOEmpire. Has a referral system and often raffles rare skins among users.

* CSGOPolygon. Players can look forward to 1000 free coins upon registration.

* FarmSkins. Accepts cryptocurrencies.

Periodically creates new promotional codes to get free coins. Thanks to the growing popularity of esports, CS: GO roulettes with bonuses have become a great way to get rare skins. The withdrawal process is also well organized in all major online casinos. Skins won at roulette will be transferred within a few minutes through the exchange function on the Steam platform.


CS: GO casino also offers a range of other esports related gambling. Roulette is fun, but there are other casino games worth checking out (CS: GO slots, blackjack, coin flip and jackpot games). With their help, you can win not only more skins, but also real money.